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    A corn is a thickening, or bump, on the outer skin layer. They are usually 3 mm to 10 mm in diameter and have a hard center.

    They tend to be painful and occur at sites of pressure or friction, usually from ill fitting shoes.  Pain can disrupt normal walk and patient can’t put pressure on feet to stand.

    It usually develops over bony areas, such as the toe joints. Corns may also develop between the toes.

    A callus is a painless thickening of skin due to repeated pressure or irritation. Calluses can appear on any part of the body, especially the hands, feet and knees.

    Corns and calluses are the result of the skin forming a protective area in response to repeated irritation. Continued pressure causes the irritated area to grow at a faster rate, leading to overgrowth.


    1. Common medical practice is use corn-cap to allay the pain and to soften the corn.
    2. If this doesn’t help, then surgery is the answer in allopathy.
    3. Here homeopathic treatment comes in handy and the use of knife can be avoided.
    4. Aim is to treat the patient, so that the tendency of abnormal thickening of the skin is restored to normal skin formation.
    5. In cases where corns reappear after surgery, homeopathic treatment may be the most potent answer.
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