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CONSTITUTIONAL HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT is not only meant to treat a disease entity as such, but It stimulate the body’s natural self-healing powers as a whole to restore the health.  That is why it is said that homeopathy treats ” MAN IN DISEASE NOT DISEASES IN MAN”. As HOMEOPATHY goes into your deep study, by considering your immediate sufferings, your past illnesses, your hereditary tendencies and family history, your emotional status as a whole – during illness and otherwise, your reactions and behavior while under stress your liking and disliking in food, drink, temperature, weather etc. and many more things which comprise the constitution of the individual to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate immune system as a whole. To read more about health, disease and cure, click here

    • So, If you are under homoeopathic treatment or planning to undergo the same, certain guidelines can be helpful.
      • “A general sense of well being” is the hallmark.
      •  Sleep, stamina and appetite should improve.
      •  In recurring problems like Migraine, Sinusitis, and Asthma etc attacks should start occurring
          •  less frequently,
          • lesser in intensity
          •  and short-lastingly.


        • Reappearance of old symptoms in a milder and tolerable form suggests correctness of the treatment.
        • Appearance of skin eruptions during chronic treatment is said to be a good sign.
        • Appearance of discharges like loose stool, nasal discharge, sweating, urination etc may be an omen of improvement and should not be interfered with suppressive treatments.
        • Tolerance towards aggravating factors like food intolerance, change in season and temperature etc should increase.
        •  With continued treatment, total annihilation of the disease is possible.
        • When patient is already under long term allopathic treatment for his chronic problems, sudden withdrawal or stoppage of medication can cause severe rebound phenomenon in some cases.  In such cases, Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment can be started side by side.  As the signs of improvement are sufficient enough clinically and relevant tests endorse the same, gradual reduction in allopathic dosage is recommended (in consultation with Consultant/Doctor).
      • Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment
        # Improves resistance power/immunity.
        #  Diminishes degenerative processes
        #  Enhances repair processes
        #  Normalises abnormal disease processes,
        there-by taking the mind-body entity to a state of better all-round health.
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