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    1. Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which thyroid is over active and produces too much thyroid hormones, T4 (thyroxine) and T 3 (Tri iodo thyronine)
    2. When levels of thyroid hormones are unusually high, the body burns energy faster and many vital functions speed up.
    3. Females are five times more likely to develop hyperthyroidism.
    4. The symptoms depend upon the severity of the disease, age of the person and the cause of hyperthyroidism.
    5. Some of the signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism are
    • Weakness and fatigue, sweating and intolerance to heat,
    • Skin is warm and moist, increased sweating, hair is fine, silky and friable (hair loss may be excessive),
    • Frequent bowel movements occasionally diarrhoea,
    • Weight loss in spite of increased appetite and food intake,
    • Protrusion of eye ball (exophthalmos), decreased sleep, menstrual irregularities (Periods either become less frequent or stop altogether),
    • Increased heart rate, emotional lability (person loses temper easily and have episodes of crying by slightest provocation),
    • Nervousness characterized by restlessness, shortness of attention span and a compulsion to move about,
    • Hyperkinesia (an abnormal increase in muscular activity) as a result person cannot stand still, taps the foot or shifts positions frequently, and
    • Fine finger tremors at rest.
    1. TSH levels are decreased, T3 and T4 is increased.  Resin T3 uptake and Radioactive iodine uptake is increased.  TSH receptor antibody (TSH-R Ab) is high in 80% of cases.


    Hyperthyroid patients consult homeopathic physician in three different situations

    1. Pre-hyperthyroid state – Unexplained weight gain with a cluster of other symptoms. Blood test reveals normal or slightly decreased TSH and higher levels of T3 and T4.
    2. Hyperthyroidism confirmed but not started the allopathic medication yet.
    3. Hyperthyroidism confirmed and already taking allopathic medication regularly

    In all three situations, aim of constitutional homeopathic treatment is to restore the health in totality – that is, to set right the inner imbalance presenting in the form of disturbed general health, clinical signs and symptoms of the disease and abnormal lab reports.

    In cases one and two, constitutional homeopathic treatment is started and improvements can be seen in general health, along with clinical improvement in signs and symptoms. Periodic thyroid profile will help monitor the normalizing the hormone level.

    In case three, the patient is advised to continue his allopathic treatment and start constitutional homeopathic treatment side by side.  Improvement in general health and clinical improvement in signs and symptoms can be assessed regularly. Positive changes in periodic thyroid profile will indicate the need to reduce allopathic dosage gradually.  As the improvement in signs and symptoms is evident and thyroid hormones show normal levels, allopathic medications can be withdrawn and a vigilant eye is kept on further changes. Periodic thyroid profile is repeated to see any rebound sickness and confirm complete recovery.

    A common notion is that you have to continue allopathic medicines for thyroid problem throughout your life.  And this is mentioned in many allopathic literatures that “while the symptoms of hyperthyroidism are usually corrected within a few months, many patients may need to take the medication for the rest of their lives.” But with constitutional homeopathic treatment, there is no need to take life long treatment for hyperthyroid problem.


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