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    Awareness about physical fitness is increasing. A variety of gadgets and gyms for exercises are there, making the choice difficult. There has never been so much emphasis on fitness or such a wide choice of exercises, but even the fittest may suffer an occasional injury. Moreover there are games where there is lot of stress on certain joints and ligaments. Badminton and tennis players are prone to wrist, shoulder and knee joint injury. Shoulder joint injuries are common occurrence in fast bowlers. Certain games can lead to injuries while being played – ball hitting finger in cricket, hockey etc, knee injury to a football player. Help is at hand with homeopathy. It can relieve the acute as well as the chronic effects of injuries. Complaints like pain ,swelling are helped with homeopathic remedies dramatically. It promote rapid healing and speed your progress back to full health. Constitution homeopathic treatment can help improve stamina and can also cure the disease processes, which started after some sports-related trauma or otherwise, thereby making the sports person fit enough to excel.

    For strained muscles from over-training, arnica is the best. Arnica is the first prescription for trauma.

    If the game on the field gets so rough that bones are broken, a course of Symphytum, often called “bone-setter” will help the fracture knit quickly. Sprains, especially those involving the ligaments or tendons should be treated with Ruta Grav. If a once-sprained ankle or a fractured limb has a lingering and persistent weakness long after the injury has apparently healed, use of Calc. Carb is recommended to strengthen the limb. Muscle stiffness, especially if this is the result of sweating and getting cold, will respond well to treatment with Rhus Tox. Pain and stiffness limber up with movement. Squash players should keep Rhus tox handy for a pulled ligament.

    Every athlete and sportsman knows that winning and loosing are part of the game, but nobody plays to loose the game. There is a strong desire to excel and the aim is nothing short of gold medal. Getting to the peak of physical fitness, mental clarity and emotional stability are the essential components of the winning formula. Moreover, personal and hereditary weaknesses can also produce a fertile soil for diseases. Over and above, undue physical effort and emotional stress can act as a catalyst to precipitate the disease. Homeopath considers all these facts and treats the mind-body entity as a whole and can help the sports person give his optimum performance.

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