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    • A chalazion or stye is a small lump on the eyelid due to a plugged oil gland. This can occur on any eyelid.
    • The eyelids contain many oil producing glands called meibomian glands. In some people, these glands become plugged, much like a pimple might develop on the skin.
    • This is not related to any disease and is not harmful to the eye or vision.
    • The chalazion have a tendency to be self-limiting (especially when acute inflammation is there)and may disappear without any treatment. However, many of the cases need treatment.
    • Chalazia/styes can be of recurrent in nature.
    • The standard ophthalmic practice towards the treatment of Chalazion is a surgical incision and removal.


    • With homeopathic medicines, it is possible to cure chalazion without surgery. It is possible to save the eyelid from the knife.
    • Homeopathic treatment enhances the body’s self healing powers, thereby producing cure.
    • Homeopathic treatment is equally good in acute inflammatory stage as well as in non-inflammatory swelling lying there for months.
    • In recurrent cases, homeopathic treatment also helps in reducing the tendency to stye formation.
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