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    Homeopathy is a particularly attractive option for parents who are keen to choose a system of medicine for their children that is gentle and flexible but very effective, not only in the acute illnesses of childhood but

    also has the potential to cope up with chronic illnesses. Moreover, children respond exceptionally well to homeopathic treatment and love to have sweet-pills willingly.

    Unlike allopathic drugs, which are given in a standard course, homeopathic treatment is tailored to the needs of each individual child. In many acute conditions of childhood, like diarrhoea, cold, cough, fever, dentition problem, wind colic, mild injuries etc, use of homeopathic remedies as household measures require no introduction.

    But when the problems are of chronic nature, and may have a hereditary component or illness is recurring or not responding, help of a professional homeopath should be sought. Homeopathic treatment can relieve many problems like atopic dermatitis, bed wetting, chronic constipation, recurrent cough cold, allergic rhinitis, little appetite, not thriving well, alopecia areata, recurrent boils, impetigo or other skin problems, and so on. At time homeopathic treatment can save the child from surgery as in recurrent tonsillitis, adenoids, warts, molluscum contagiosum etc.

    In case, child has always been on allopathic treatment since birth and not gaining good health or his disease is recurring frequently, homeopathic treatment can make a big difference. This is because the homeopathic medicines act as a catalyst, stimulating the body’s own extraordinary powers of recovery, thereby restoring health.

    However, children suffer from a wide range of ailments while their little bodies are learning how to cope with disease. It is always a mistake to suppress these symptoms with antibiotics or painkillers etc because the body of the growing child is learning resistance to disease by means of earaches, fevers and other minor illnesses of childhood which are provoking and inviting an immune response. Homeopathic medicines act together with body’s natural reactions and stimulate the immune response. Childhood illnesses, therefore, are part of the growing up process and a child who copes well with these challenges will be laying the basis of healthy maturity.

    Often children suffer very much on an emotional level. A pet dying, a special playmate moving away, a new baby in the family, parental separation, moving house or school – all these can deeply upset a child causing emotional trauma. This is an area in which homeopathy can be particularly helpful. Constitutional homeopathic treatment by a professional homeopath can solve the problem, which might otherwise fester and affect not only the child’s outlook on life but also lower his resistance to many diverse diseases. Homeopathy does not separate emotional reactions and physical symptoms: they are both equally valid as part of the total expression of the child’s individual way of coping with his encounter with the world. Constitutional treatment will build a strong immune system and a balanced mental and emotional outlook. This, together with good nutrition and proper hygiene, will protect your child from more serious childhood diseases.

    As your child grows into a teenager there will be new physical and emotional changes to come to terms with. Although these changes are an entirely normal part of growing up, it is not unusual for them to give rise to some distressing minor symptoms. We will discuss it in separate article.

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