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    Allopathic way of treatment generally uses specific drugs for specific diseases or syndromes. A patient who has been sick for a long time may therefore be taking a number of drugs for different diseases. On the contrary, a homeopath treats the patient as a whole and looks at the complete picture of his ill health.

    Lets have a look at what happens when such patients are treated homeopathically:

    1. In chronic ASTHMA, regular use of inhalers is the most common practice in allopathic treatment. When such patients start homeopathic treatment side by side, and the improvement with homeopathic treatment is sufficient enough, the need for inhalers goes down. In the long run, it becomes possible to leave the inhalers totally. Gradually, with restored healing powers of the body, the need for homeopathic treatment is done away with and the patient can enjoy FREEDOM from asthma.
    2. In HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, regular use of anti-hypertensive and diuretic drugs is recommended by allopathic practitioners. With homeopathic treatment going side by side, as the general health of the patient improves, his response to stress is modified in a favourable way. As a result blood pressure begins to normalize, a reduced dosage of anti-hypertensive drug is indicated, of course with the consent of your doctor /consultant.
    3. In DIABETES, patient should go on using anti-hyperglycaemic drugs or insulin initially and start homeopathic treatment side by side. A regular monthly blood glucose reading should be taken to monitor the improvement. As blood glucose reading begins to show a downward trend, a reduced dosage of anti-hyperglycaemic drugs or insulin drug is indicated, of course with the consent of your doctor /consultant.

    It is to be noted that the longer you have been ill, the longer it will be before you reach your optimum state of health. Homeopathic remedies work in a way that is completely different from allopathic medicines. Although they are so dilute, still they can be very deep acting over a long period of time, even with existing allopathic therapy and have the potential to improve the internal disharmony.

    In Short, homeopathic treatment can work very well even if patient is taking drugs prescribed by his allopathic consultant. As the health begins to improve, drug dosage may need to be modified. It is important to maintain regular contact with the consultant and taking him in confidence that homeopathic treatment is also being used.

    Do remember that some allopathic drugs can have side effects if stopped suddenly. So, check with your consultant before making any changes.

    Although homeopathic medicines do not themselves interact with allopathic drugs, patients on allopathic medication should not try to treat themselves with homeopathic remedies.

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