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    Beginning right from the play school to the graduation level, each period has its own difficulties and charms. Leaving mother or home for first time is terrifying experience to a child. Going to a hostel for the first time is an especially important hurdle in child and adolescent alike. Most of the child adapt to it comfortably in a few days time but few over clinging kids takes pretty long time and may even become sick. Homeopathic treatment can help them adapt better and paves way for the healthier future.

    The student years are the periods of oscillating emotions, teeming with contradictions and conflicts as well as excitement and exploration. A sense of freedom and overwhelming enthusiasm can either push them to excessively tiring study schedules or misdirect them in play, sex, drink, smoking or drugs. Any one of these, if indulged in irresponsibly, can trigger health problems. Sally into taking drugs or alcohol can change their lives forever. Many can take drugs without any ill effects but nobody knows who will be badly affected by drugs. Homeopathic treatment can help them leave the addictions by modifying their craving and relieving them of the withdrawal syndrome.

    Students may suffer from the high expectations of academic excellence from parents, teachers, and students themselves. There may be financial worries. High levels of stress can cause lack of concentration and memory weakness. Anxiety over examinations can lead to panic attacks, asthma, insomnia, and complaints such as irritable bowel syndrome. Pressures on students, whether academic or social, can seem unbearable especially for those who are nervous, depressed or who lack confidence. Unfortunately, the rate of student suicides is high and still increasing and it is of utmost importance that the students must seek help in these stressful situations before their difficulties become insuperable. Students with problems during their high school and college years should try to identify the changes in their health and seek help to resolve their mental, physical and emotional problems before disease takes hold of them.

    A casual sexual sortie can put them on high risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). A wise precaution is to use a condom, whether it is necessary from the contraceptive point of view or not. If you think you have already been exposed to a STD, ask your doctor or consultant or a homeopath for a blood test and go for constitutional treatment from a homeopath.

    Prolonged and unresolved stress may act as a catalyst to precipitate previous illness. Chronic conditions can become worse and those already suffering from long-term problems, such as eating disorders or asthma or mild depression etc, which have been controlled with medication in the past, may find that, with additional stress, control is no longer so effective.

    These are some conditions where homeopathy is invaluable. Homeopathic treatment takes into account all the presenting symptoms whether physical, or mental and emotional. Homeopath will listen to all your symptoms and will treat you accordingly with the help of the correctly prescribed remedy.

    Homeopathy can also provide help at when the student’s fear of failure is overwhelming. The homeopathic treatment will improve the stress-coping mechanism thereby reducing the stress levels and help students return to their studies with renewed concentration and interest. After homeopathic treatment, improvement in overall health and wellbeing is remarkable. With increased resistance power students are able to resist infection in a better way and have a greater sense of stability and individual purpose in life. These improvements are steps towards real health in adult life.

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