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    Homeopathy is an effective, scientific and holistic system of medicine, which boosts the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. It recognizes that all symptoms of ill health are expressions of disharmony within the whole person, therefore HOMEOPATHY TREATS THE MAN IN DISEASE, AND NOT THE DISEASE IN MAN.

    Homeopathic treatment aims to help patients achieve FREEDOM from limitations in their lives, and, ideally, to reach a level of health where they are no longer dependent on any medicine or therapy.

    Homeopathic treatment is specific to particular patient and stimulates the body’s immune system to be strengthened against all illnesses, not just a single disease.

    A homeopathic remedy acts as a signal, which stimulates the body’s self-healing powers, mobilizing the defense systems and working on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the body.

    Many patients are taking allopathic medicines to manage their long-term health problems. This does not mean that homeopathic treatment is not going to help them. Homeopathic treatment will be helpful in a number of ways:

    • As homeopathic medicines are prescribed for the individual as a unique mind-body entity, they can improve the overall health, emotionally as well as physically.
    • Homeopathic treatment can help improve the symptoms, which have not been addressed by the existing allopathic medication.
    • Homeopathic treatment can help reduce the side effects of the allopathic medication.
    • The need for some or all of your existing allopathic medication may reduce gradually as the improvements with homeopathic treatment are sufficient enough.


    A word of caution to all the patients taking long term allopathic treatment is that reductions in allopathic medication should only be made following discussion with allopathic doctor or consultant. Though it may be safe to reduce the dose of some allopathic medicines like painkillers, certain medicines such as steroids etc can cause dangerous or uncomfortable withdrawal reactions if they are stopped too suddenly. Homeopathic physicians love to work in collaboration with general practitioners (GPs) and hospital consultants if both, the patient and the doctor/consultant concerned are in agreement.

    Because homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural materials by a special method, which involves considerable dilution, they cannot cause side effects themselves and do not interact with other medicines.

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