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    • Leucoderma, the word literally means white skin. There is a pigment called melanin which gives our skin a uniform colour. Gradual loss of this pigment from the skin layer results in white patches.
    • Vitiligo usually starts with a small white spot(s) which gradually enlarges and develop into patch(es). These patches are pale in the beginning, but become whiter and whiter as time passes by due to loss of pigment. As the patches enlarge they merge together and form a very broad patch. In some cases most of the skin of the body may be covered by with white patches.
    • The course of vitiligo varies. With some it reaches a certain degree of development and then remains stationary for years; and in others it progresses indefinitely.
    • Cause of vitiligo is not yet clear but excessive mental tension seems to play a vital role.  Injuries and burns do cause localized vitiligo. Heredity is also a well-recognized causative factor.


    The outward presentation of the internal imbalance is in the form of white patches on the skin.  The constitutional homeopathic treatment is targeted to set this imbalance to normalcy, thereby producing normal skin and good health.  That is why local application of any type is not advised and only oral homeopathic medication is used.

    The aim of the constitutional treatment in homeopathy is to treat the patient as a whole so as to stimulate the body-mind system from within. The constitutional homeopathic treatment helps the body’s own natural healing powers hence leading to a long lasting cure.

    The duration of treatment can not be predicted as vitiligo is a chronic skin condition mostly resistant to treatment. The total duration of treatment varies from patient to patient, depending on various diverse factors such as:

    (a) The duration of patches
    (b) The extent, location and speed of spread of the patches
    (c) Presence of other diseases.
    (d) The overall general health of the patient.

    Generally, the treatment is long term.  And desire for faster results frustrates the patient more than anything else and patient lands up with just change of doctor.  One should start the treatment with a positive attitude and must not rely on self assessed visual evidence alone.  Close photograph(s) of the involved area before starting the treatment and repeat photograph(s) every 3 months should be the ideal approach for assessment of changes. One may expect a definite change in about three to five months, depending on the duration, extent and speed of the spread of the vitiligo patches. The total duration of constitutional homeopathic treatment may be anything between six months to two years or even more.

    The advantage of homeopathic treatment over other treatments e.g. steroids, puva etc are that
    1.  Homeopathy offers long-lasting cure instead of temporary relief.
    2.  It is absolutely harmless, safe and devoid of any toxicity.
    3.  There is no need for any local applications or sitting under sun or artificial light.

    Overall health improvement is an added benefit.


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