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    1. Almost all women experience more or less some unpleasant or uncomfortable symptoms before and during their menstrual cycle.
    2. PMS is characterized by a combination of physical and psychological symptoms that occur in a cyclic pattern, starting seven to ten days before the menstrual period and often improving with the onset of bleeding.
    3. 75 percent women experience some of the common symptoms of PMS during their reproductive years.
    4. Around one third of these women experience symptoms so severe that they disrupt daily activities.
    5. Cyclic changes in hormones seem to be an important cause.
    6. Common symptoms are headaches, breast tenderness, fatigue, abdominal cramping or bloating, acne, joint or muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, allergies, infections, fluid retention, edema (swelling of the ankles, hands, and feet), periodic weight gain, constipation, pelvic heaviness or pressure, backache, heart palpitation’s, irritability, nervousness, lack of control, agitation, anger, insomnia or sleep disturbances, difficulty in concentrating, lethargy, depression, severe fatigue, anxiety, emotional hypersensitivity, crying spells, moodiness, painful menstruation, diminished sex drive , appetite changes, food cravings, hot flashes etc.
    7. As the problem of PMS is only a clinical entity, generally no lab tests are needed.


    1. Clinical improvement in symptoms is the sole guide to evaluate the efficacy of homeopathic treatment.
    2. Homeopathy treats ” WOMAN IN DISEASE NOT DISEASES IN WOMAN”. As homeopathy goes into your deep study, by considering your immediate sufferings, your past illnesses, your hereditary tendencies and family history, your emotional status as a whole – during illness and otherwise, your reactions and behavior while under stress your likes and dislikes in food, drink, temperature, weather etc. and many more things which comprise the constitution of the individual to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate immune system as a whole.
    3. With the treatment, you will experience that episodes of PMS have started occurring

    5. A general sense of well being with improvement in mood and emotional hypersensitivity is also noticeable. You will be able to apply your body and mind FREELY in some fruitful activity for yourself, your family and for the society.  With the treatment this “feeling of well being” will appreciable. This is the hallmark of the correctness of treatment and indicates that improvements will follow soon.
    6. In other areas, sleep, stamina and appetite should improve. You should be able to do your work more efficiently and with lesser tiredness as the health improves. Sleep and appetite should normalize.
    7. Moreover you will experience increasing freedom. Your endurance level will increase and can be appreciated by the fact that whatever precipitating factors were causing discomfort, are no more affecting you in the same intensity.  As the treatment continues, you will also experience improvements in almost all the associated problems.  You can measure and evaluate your improvements on a percentile scale – e.g. 40-45 % improvement in my migraine, 70-75% improvement in my stamina etc.
    8. With continued treatment, total annihilation of the disease is possible.


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